Global expansion of the world's first damage-free microfluidic chip cell sorter with On-chip Biotechnologies

October 27, 2020
PHC Corporation of North America

Global expansion of the world's first damage-free microfluidic chip cell sorter with On-chip Biotechnologies

Wood Dale, IL - PHC Corporation of North America (hereafter PHCNA) is proud to announce a new partnership with On-chip Biotechnologies (USA) Co., Ltd. The partnership will drive delivery of total cell culturing solutions for researchers and organizations across a wide range of critical applications. Their flagship product is the On-chip Sort, the world's first cell sorter that uses a disposable microfluidic chip for sterile, damage-free, contamination-free sorting.

The On-chip Sort delivers highly precise cell sorting while avoiding contamination and offers user-friendly maintenance. The microfluidic cell sorter not only resolves the inherent issues of conventional sorters, but also enables analysis and sorting of cells suspended in the users’ choice of culture medium. This unique technology is an outstanding partner for the PHCbi portfolio of incubators. PHCbi brand incubators are expressly designed to maintain optimal temperature, humidity, CO2 and oxygen levels critical to mammalian cell growth. The safety of cells processed in On-chip Sort and cultured in the stable conditions available in PHCbi brand incubators, will enable researchers to focus on their work, rather than worry about the equipment executing the processing.

Hans Brok, President of PHCNA, is extremely happy with this unique technology. He explained, "The gentle sorting of cells is THE SOLUTION for cell survival. Leading researchers in the US have had a very positive experience with the technology and interest has grown quickly. Just like our PHCbi products, On-chip Biotechnologies has the highest standards of production, which you can expect from a Japanese company."

Jin Akagi, CEO of On-chip Biotechnologies (USA) Co., Ltd., is pleased to begin collaborating with PHCNA. He added, "PHCNA is known for their strength in laboratory equipment in the biopharmaceutical, life sciences, academic, healthcare and government markets. We believe that this partnership will offer strong support for our business and enable both our companies to achieve collective success in these markets."

The On-chip Sort is transforming the standard approach to flow cytometry. The instrument eliminates the need for sheath tanks and as such, has enabled the miniaturization of the system. Cells are gently moved through the microchannel by air pressure and analyzed at the laser interrogation point. Only the target cells are then pushed into the reservoir.

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On-chip Biotechnologies (USA) Co., Ltd., located in Los Angeles, CA, is a subsidiary of On-chip Biotechnologies Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, the first company in the world to launch a microfluidic chip-based cell sorter on the market. On-chip Biotechnologies offers two innovative products, On-chip Sort (microfluidic chip cell sorter) and On-chip SPiS (single cell/particle dispenser), to assist researchers in accelerating the world’s new discoveries in life science, drug development and diagnostics. On-chip products are designed and manufactured in Japan. For more information, visit On-chip Biotechnologies’ website at For inquiries and product demonstrations, please contact On-chip Biotechnologies (USA) at