Is Your Lab Ready to Rev Its Engine After a Break?


Here Are a Few Reminders For a Successful Return to Cell Cultivation

You wouldn't start a car that has been stationary for months without a maintenance check. Don't start waking up those cells without completing these steps!
prepare to initiate the incubator
  • Make sure to turn off the power to your incubator and the humidity pan is empty.
  • Take the time to complete a full interior wipe down with 70% EtOH.
decontaminate the incubator
  • Run the appropriate decontamination cycle for your incubator:
    Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Cycle, 180°C High Heat Sterilization Cycle, 24 hour UV Cycle.
investigate and calibrate the incubator
  • Run the incubator at 37°C for 24 hours without gas.
  • Check the gas levels of your CO2 or N2 tanks. Replace as needed.
  • That gas won’t go far if your tubes are frayed or cracked — so inspect and replace. And don’t forget your inline filters too!
  • You are now ready to open the gas supply.
  • Run a gas calibration — or better yet, contact a service professional to complete the procedure to ensure calibrated gas levels.

PHCbi Incubator MCO-170AICUVL-PA
Now you are set to wake up your cells and carry on with your research.
Ready for a new incubator? Ready to culture in 3D?
PHCbi is here to help. Contact your local rep to learn more about our portfolio of Cell-IQ™ incubators and PrimeSurface® culturing well plates.

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