PrimeSurface® 3D Spheroid Well Plates


Developed with an ultra-low attachment polymer coating to facilitate uniform spheroid formation for 3D cell culture applications

3D culturing just got easier with the introduction of PrimeSurface ultra-low attachment cell culture well plates. A unique ultra-hydrophilic polymer coating prevents cells from adhering to the well, allowing natural cell-cell interactions to create uniform spheroid aggregates. 3D cell culture spheroids replicate in vivo environments better than conventional 2D methods by maintaining inherent cellular characteristics often lost during 2D cell culturing. PrimeSurface Spheroid cell cultures provide an optimal model for cell growth and behavior.
PrimeSurface wells come in U, V, or spindle shapes to promote optimal spheroid formation for different cell types. These high-clarity well plates allow optical or chemiluminescent imaging of spheroid cell cultures directly from the well plate, eliminating the risks and additional handling involved with sample transfer.

Ultra Low-Attachment Spheroid Formation


PrimeSurface Product Selection

A range of PrimeSurface media plates offers a multitude of combinations useful for different imaging processes.

Adhesive Performance of Cells

Ultra-hydrophilic polymer reduces surface cell adhesion of Human Hepatoma and Mouse Macrophage cell cultures.
Culture condition: Number of seeding cells: 1 x 104 cells/ml, 2 ml/dish of 35 mmΦ
Medium: DMEM, FCS 10% Cultured for 3 days with adherent cells were counted.

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