Service Representatives, North America


Operating manuals are available upon request. Please have your model number and serial number available when contacting us.


Replacement parts are available directly through us or your authorized PHC service representatives. Please have your model and serial number available when contacting PHC Corporation of North America or your authorized service representative.

For help identifying which parts you need for repair or replacement please email or call Technical Support at 800-858-8442 ext. 48299.

For further information about parts ordering, pricing, and availability please email or call Parts Department at 800-858-8442 ext. 48298.


PHC Corporation of North America offers field service training courses to third party and in-house service providers on all laboratory products offered in the North American market. Our field training courses are directed towards refrigeration, electronic and biomedical technicians already familiar with the basics of troubleshooting refrigeration and/or electronic equipment and can be customized to reflect the needs of the individuals being trained. All training courses provide a comprehensive lesson plan that includes theory and hands on instruction, utilizing the latest technology available through a variety of media.

We recognize the fact that skilled trades people are a valuable asset to the institutions they are servicing.

Our unique field training approach allows for proper training on equipment without the disruption and expense of having your staff unavailable for long stretches of time.

Lunches and Breaks will be provided as well as dinner and entertainment for one night during each session.

At the completion of the training course, attendees will be given a written test on the content of the course. Those who score 70% or higher will be given a certificate and wallet card stating that they are factory-authorized to perform repairs on PHCbi equipment that they have been trained on. All others will be given certificates indicating that they have attended the course.

At PHC, we remain leaders in our industry by ensuring that the quality of our products are maintained, which is why we offer our training courses at minimal cost to qualified individuals and institutions. Visit the training section to learn what classes are currently being offered and for registration information.