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Replace Aging Equipment and Meet Sustainability and Budget Goals Today

VIP Series freezers, the most reliable lab freezer
PHCbi brand laboratory equipment can help you meet and exceed your sustainability goals thanks to our years of thoughtful and evolutionary design. From ultra-low temperature (ULTs) and cryogenic freezers, to pharmaceutical refrigerators, biomedical freezers, and incubators, PHCbi brand products are the first step in improving your sustainability.
Many PHCbi brand products are ENERGY STAR® Certified for energy efficiency. For information on PHCbi brand products that meet certain energy incentives, contact your local PHCbi representative.

Sustainability in Cold Storage Equipment

The energy needed for a single, conventional ULT can power an average U.S. household.i The continued use of older equipment with degrading efficiency can compound that cost.
Improve your lab's energy efficiency without compromising the temperature uniformity that your sample inventory requires. Take the next step towards sustainability with energy efficient PHCbi brand ultra-low temperature freezers.
By replacing 100 legacy freezers with ultra-efficient PHCbi brand freezers, you'll save the release of 366 tons of CO2 into the air each year.ii
73.9 gasoline-powered cars
37,361 gallons of gas saved
4.4 tanker trucks of gasoline saved
Introducing the VIP® ECO SMART
The latest PHCbi brand product innovation, the VIP ECO SMART ultra-low temperature freezer, offers the best independently measured energy performance in its class.iii The VIP ECO SMART combines next-generation engineering with SMART control technology to provide a ULT with industry-leading energy efficiency and reliability. PHCbi brand VIP ECO SMART ULT freezers deliver this performance thanks to pioneering compressor technology developed through over 50 years of engineering innovation.
This combination of technology, efficiency, and performance helped the VIP ECO SMART model MDF-DU703VH/VHA-PA to earn the 2023 Outstanding New Product of the Year Award from the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER).
VIP upright freezer technology

Use our Energy Savings Calculator to determine your immediate and long-term savings when you upgrade your ultra-low temperature freezer to the new PHCbi brand VIP ECO SMART.
Energy Savings Calculator

Efficient - uses 30% less energy than other leading ENERGY STAR Certified freezersiii
SMART - proprietary algorithms run compressors at a slower speed under steady-state conditions for superior uniformity
Secure - controlled freezer access uses facial recognition, optional NFC, or PIN for improved security and monitoring of door opening times by user
Less heat output - only 768 BTUs per hour – lowers HVAC costs, contributing to an overall reduction in energy consumption
VIP ECO Ultra-Low Freezers
VIP ECO ULTs leverage innovations from over 55 years of thoughtful design. The VIP ECO minimizes environmental impact without jeopardizing ultra-low temperature freezer performance.
The VIP ECO® ultra-low temperature freezer product line includes the prestigious 2018 Good Design award-winning -86°C upright model (MDF-DU702VH/ MDF-DU502VH) which was also independently rated as the world's most energy-efficient and best performing ultra-low freezer at the time. Today, the VIP ECO Series is outranked for energy efficiency only by the VIP ECO SMART.
VIP ECO Ultra-Low Temp Freezers
Natural refrigerants minimize environmental impact
Natural refrigerants minimize environmental impact without jeopardizing ultra-low temperature freezer performance. Download the VIP Series brochure to learn more.
Enhanced laboratory workflow - single-handed door opening and low frost-buildup
Natural refrigerants - to minimize environmental impact without jeopardizing freezer performance
Compact footprint - thank to VIP Plus cabinet insulation that drives cooling value
VIP Plus -150°C Cryogenic Storage
Traditional cryogenic storage requires the use of liquid nitrogen which can negatively impact your lab's operating expenses and carbon footprint. PHCbi brand cryogenic freezers leverage mechanical refrigeration to achieve an efficient storage medium known as "air phase."
Air phase technology delivers stable temperature performance and provides a safe and economical alternative to LN2 vapor phase storage. The mechanically refrigerated design promotes better top-to-bottom uniformity than liquid nitrogen storage without the negatives often associated with LN2 freezers.
VIP Plus -150°C Cryogenic Storage
Air Phase Technology - lowers total cost of ownership by eliminating reliance on LN2
Safety - reduces handling safety concerns, operational protocols, cross contamination potential, and industry reliance on LN2
High Performance ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerators
PHCbi brand ECO pharmaceutical refrigerator units use clean, natural hydrocarbon refrigerants with low global warming potential. Our ENERGY STAR Certified models can help your organization reach sustainability goals while preserving your vaccine and biological inventory as well as peace of mind.
PHCbi brand sliding door and undercounter pharmaceutical refrigerators provide energy efficiency, temperature uniformity, and reliability that meets CDC vaccine storage guidelines.iv
High Performance ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerators
PHCbi Biomedical Refrigerators and Freezers Brochure
PHCbi brand refrigerators and freezers are engineered from the inside out to create, maintain and restore precise temperatures that are not commonly found with household or commercial cabinets.
Proprietary inverter compressor algorithm [ICA] uses less energy following door openings with faster recovery times than conventional on/off compressors
*Natural refrigerants to minimize environmental impact without jeopardizing refrigerator performance
Maintains temperature uniformity, even at load capacity, due to cool air distribution from the top third, bottom, and cabinet front

Sustainability in Cell Cultivation Equipment

PHCbi Brand Incubators
PHCbi brand incubators can help your lab find its next great breakthrough while helping you meet your sustainability goals.
The SafeCell™ UV lamp used in PHCbi brand incubators provides powerful decontamination without the use of costly HEPA filters. While HEPA filtration can reliably trap (not kill) particulates of 0.3 microns (0.12 for ULPA filters), smaller viruses can easily pass through these barriers. Without frequent filter changes, unrecognized bacterial growth on HEPA filters can introduce a variety of contaminants to cultures. With the necessity of frequent filter changes, HEPA filters can lead to a greatly increased consumable budget and increased waste.
PHCbi brand incubators utilize the power of UV light to kill contaminants. UV bulbs can last up to 5,000 hours, helping reduce your lab's consumable footprint. The H2O2 cycle delivers chamber decontamination without the use of high heat. This time-saving process can also reduce energy usage.
PHCbi Brand Incubators
PHCbi Brand CO2 and Multigas Incubators Brochure

PHCbi Brand CO2 and Multigas Incubators: Sustainability and innovation matter in the laboratory. PHCbi brand incubators offer the repeatability your research needs and can help lower consumable costs.

No need for HEPA filters, that if not replaced regularly, can introduce a variety of contaminants to cultures.
Long lasting UV bulbs that kill contaminants and can last up to 5,000 hours, greatly reducing consumable costs.
Decontamination process lasts just under 3 hours, allowing more time for your researchers to find their next great breakthrough.
Schedule with a PHCNA rep today to learn more.
i U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. "Purchasing Energy-Efficient Laboratory-Grade Refrigerators and Freezers," Federal Energy Management Program.
ii U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, last accessed 9/13/2023
iv Department of Health and Human Services. "Vaccines for Children Program: Vulnerabilities in Vaccine Management," Washington, DC, June 2012.
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