VIP® ECO Series -80°C Freezers


Ultra-Low Temperature Performance and Reliability Meet Energy Efficiency

Industry-Leading ULT Storage

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The VIP ECO SMART is our most advanced ultra-low temperature freezer to date.

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The VIP ECO ultra-low temperature freezer product line is designed, tested, and field-proven for safe, reliable storage of biologicals, vaccines, and high value samples. The VIP ECO has earned ENERGY STAR® Certification and customer satisfaction thanks to performance, reliability, energy savings, and operation. The latest model to join the VIP ECO Series lineup builds upon a history of excellence and years of research and PHCbi brand engineering innovations. The new VIP ECO SMART continues a tradition of performance and reliability while leading the ENERGY STAR ULT category. The VIP ECO SMART is our most advanced ULT to date, using 30% less energy than other leading ENERGY STAR Certified freezers in its class. i

Protecting Stored Samples and the Environment

The VIP ECO -80°C to -40°C ultra-low temperature freezers with natural refrigerants deliver more energy efficient and dependable ultra-low storage with innovative inverter compressor refrigeration systems

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VIP ECO Series upright freezers are ENERGY STAR Certified. They provide energy-efficient ultra-low temperatures that don't compromise the uniformity and reliability essential for the safe storage of biologicals and vaccines. VIP ECO freezers use natural refrigerants that minimize environmental impact while maintaining the high performance for which PHCbi brand products are known.
The new VIP ECO SMART has less heat output, resulting in lower HVAC costs and an overall reduction in energy consumption compared to other ULTs of the same size. The daily energy usage of the VIP ECO SMART is only 5.40 kWh, the lowest of any ultra-low temperature freezer in its class. Additionally, integrated SMART features enable controlled freezer access and monitoring for improved security of your stored materials.
The VIP ECO Series also includes compact ultra-low temperature chest freezers which are designed to fit individual, small group, or clinical uses in a compact footprint. VIP ECO Series chest freezers provide optimal temperature stability and uniformity during routine lid openings, minimizing the loss of cold air even when the freezer lid is open.

Purposeful Design

From the inside out, VIP ECO freezers are designed for optimal storage and operation. The unique internal heat exchanger increases the performance envelope to provide superior uniformity and stability, even in high ambient temperatures. The PHCbi brand VIP Series cabinet design slows warm-up during power outages.
Energy efficient reserve cooling power is achieved through fast pull-down to -80°C and quick recovery following frequent door openings. The VIP ECO SMART delivers the uniformity PHCbi brand products are known for while reducing power consumption through a new inverter compressor that enables more efficient rotation control at low speed and a new dual refrigeration inverter control.
The Advanced Frost Control System protects against frost buildup at the gasket to keep samples safe. VIP ECO freezers include the ergonomically designed EZlatch door handle for ergonomic, one-handed door openings. Proven frost mitigation technology lowers the total cost of ownership.
The VIP ECO Series ultra-low temperature compact chest freezer is designed with a specialized door latch and magnetic gasket to ensure complete closure of the outer door, preventing cold air leakage.
VIP ECO ultra-low temperature freezer with EZlatch design
i As of November 22, 2022, ENERGY STAR certification. Certification Number: 2404812(MDF-DU703VHA-PA)/2404811(MDF-DU703VH-PA)/2404909(MDF-DU503VHA-PA) in the ultra-low temperature freezer category.
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