Vaccine Cold Chain Storage


Cold Chain Storage for Vaccines and Biomedical Products

Wide Temperature Range and Model Selection for Evolving Storage Requirements for COVID-19 and Other Pharmaceuticals

vaccination freezers and refrigerators

PHCbi Vaccine Ebook
Vaccine potency relies on protection against temperature extremes through proper storage at every level of the cold chain. While the focus of temperature control is often on overheating, vaccines can be just as susceptible to freezing risks. Learn how to protect your vaccines with this free ebook.
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PHCbi brand refrigerators and freezers are engineered from the inside out to create, maintain and restore precise temperatures that are not commonly found with household or commercial cabinets.

PHCbi brand pharmaceutical refrigerators and biomedical freezers offer a comprehensive selection of storage solutions for high-value vaccines and other biologics. These cabinets are based on high performance refrigeration platforms engineered for reliability, temperature uniformity, fast temperature recovery and tolerance for real-world conditions.


Solutions for the Cold Chain Spectrum

Vaccines developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic require a wider range of cold chain storage temperatures, with some requiring multiple storage temperature points from delivery to administration. PHCbi brand offers a wide range of ultra-low temperature freezers, pharmaceutical refrigerators and combination refrigerator and freezer units that help you safely store any COVID-19 vaccine in addition to other pharmaceutical products.


Safe Vaccine Storage Begins with Product Selection

PHCbi pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers satisfy any storage protocol or space requirement. Robust refrigeration systems and cabinet designs assure temperature uniformity, reliability and energy efficiency. All are engineered to maintain required temperatures for product viability and to achieve rapid temperature recovery after multiple door openings.


Product Selection

vaccination freezers and refrigerators


Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers, -60°C to -80°C

Ultra-low temperature freezers are required for storage of mRNA, viral vector and non-replicating viral vector vaccines. Other applications include short and long-term storage of clinical specimens.


-40 Biomedical Freezers


Biomedical Freezers, -40°C

For vaccine development and storage of enzymes and other biomaterials according to manufacturers' inserts or directives.


-20 Biomedical Freezers


Biomedical Freezers, -20°C

For intermediate term storage of emerging vaccines, feedstocks, and other biomaterials according to manufacturers' inserts or directives.


Biomedical Freezer/Refrigerator Combo


Biomedical Refrigerator/Freezer Combo, 2°C to 8°C, and -20°C

Space-saving cabinets designed for both refrigerator and freezer functions in the same footprint. Refrigerator and freezer systems are independent for maximum stored product safety.


vaccination freezers and refrigerators


Pharmaceutical Refrigerators, 2°C to 8°C

For short-term storage of vaccines days prior to administration.

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PHC Corporation of North America, located in Wood Dale, IL, is a leader in laboratory equipment for the biopharmaceutical, life sciences, academic, healthcare and government markets. Product lines under the PHCbi brand include the space saving and energy efficient VIP® ECO and TwinGuard® ultra-low temperature freezers, cryogenic and biomedical freezers, pharmacy and high-performance refrigerators, cell culture CO2 and multigas incubators, and Drosophila/plant growth chambers. PHC Corporation of North America is a subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, which is a global healthcare company that develops, manufactures, sells, and services solutions across diabetes management, healthcare solutions, diagnostics and life sciences.