Undercounter Lab Refrigerator


Effective Capacity
3.0 cu.ft. | 85 L
Temperature Range
+2°C to +8°C

Model TSU-4RW-N6 Features

Purpose-Built Cold Chain Storage

PHCbi brand pharmaceutical refrigerators are engineered from the inside out to create, maintain and restore precise temperatures necessary for vaccine storage. Our purpose-built vaccine storage refrigerators are designed for temperature uniformity and stability that is not commonly found with household or commercial cabinets. PHCbi brand vaccine refrigerators satisfy current and evolving storage protocols essential for vaccine cold chain storage.

Meeting Regulatory Standards

Current and emerging guidelines from the CDC, NSF, and ANSI include strict storage requirements for vaccines and biologics. The TSU-4RW-N6 is purpose-designed to meet these evolving guidelines as they pertain to temperature control, uniformity, and recovery. This unit is UL 471 listed, and meets all electrical standards required by most equivalent Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL).

Versatile Design and Accessibility

With a compact footprint, the TSU-4RW-N6 is designed to be incorporated into ADA compliant workspaces, and fits under most tables, cabinets, and lab benches. A convenient glass door provides visibility into the interior of the unit to avoid unnecessary door openings. Units can be stacked with an adapter to maximize valuable laboratory floor space. This space-saving lab refrigerator includes an automatic defrost function.

High Performance

This high performance biomedical undercounter is purpose built with a clinical grade refrigeration system. Strict temperature control keeps stored product within the CDC recommended 2°C to 8°C temperature range, and a uniformity of ±3°C, for optimal vaccine storage. The TSU-4RW-N6 is designed to prevent interior temperature from dropping below 2°C at any location within the cabinet, even if the unit is empty. By contrast, interior temperatures are engineered to cool back to setpoint temperatures within 15 minutes of a 3 minute door opening.

Microprocessor Controller and Alarms

The microprocessor with LED display includes comprehensive setpoint, alarm, and monitoring functions. An intuitive control panel allows for easy programming of operating temperature and alarm settings. High and low temperature alarms notify users when temperature excursion events are occurring, and alarm delay time is adjustable to meet different user needs and working conditions.

Energy and Sustainability

The TSU-4RW-N6 is an Energy Star® Certified vaccine refrigerator with a precision-controlled temperature environment ideal for storage of enzymes, plasma, vaccines, test samples, reagents, test kits and other biologics. Traditional HFC refrigerants have been replaced with environmentally friendly HC refrigerants to meet Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) guidelines for low global warming and ozone depleting substances.

Access Port and Security

The 0.63" (16 mm) access port permits passage of external temperature monitoring probes through the chamber without impinging on the door gasket. A physical key lock at the top of the unit makes it possible to store important samples and controlled substances.




Undercounter Lab Refrigerator

The TSU-4RW-N6 is developed for the critical storage of vaccines and biologics, and is designed to meet current and evolving CDC, NSF, and ANSI guidelines. This ADA compliant undercounter is Energy Star Certified and combines high performance temperature control with environmentally friendly refrigerants in a compact, glass door design.

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Product Photos


EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS 22.5" W x 22.1" D x 29.6" H (572 x 562 x 751 mm)
INTERIOR DIMENSIONS 18.5" W x 14.6" D x 18.9" H (471 x 370 x 480 mm)
EFFECTIVE CAPACITY 3.0 cu.ft. (85 L)
SHELVES AND SHELF DIMENSIONS Vinyl coated wire, 2 shelves (adjustable) Dimensions: 17.3" x 14.0" (440 x 355 mm)
ACCESS PORT 1: Bottom of back of product (0.6" (16 mm) diameter)
TEMPERATURE CONTROL RANGE 2 to 8 in 0.1° increments
ALARMS Power failure (B - Momentary), high temperature deviation (V-B), low temperature deviation (V-B), door open (V-B), diagnostics (V) V=Visual, B=Buzzer
NET WEIGHT 114 lbs (52 kg)
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS 115V, 60Hz, 1Ø, NEMA 5-15P requires NEMA 5-15R receptacle
DOORS 1 glass, self closing
INSULATION Right, left, back, top: 2.0" (50 mm); Bottom 2.2" (50 mm)
DOOR LOCK Key lock

*TSU-4RW-N6 is manufactured by Turbo Air Inc. and distributed by PHC Corporation of North America.


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  • Designed for Vaccine, Pharmaceutical and Medical Product Storage