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Cell and gene therapy (CGT) products have a transformative power to provide innovative treatments for numerous diseases. The promise these biologically derived therapies offer has invigorated the scientific community and sparked advancements in the field.
Regardless of the workflow, cell and gene therapy manufacturing faces substantial challenges in ensuring consistency and product quality. PHC Corporation of North America (PHCNA) is proud to offer cell and gene therapy instruments designed to reduce cell damage during sorting and improve cellular metabolic analysis and high-throughput visualization for increased quality of cell and gene therapy product development.
Sterile, Damage-Free Cell Sorting
chip based cell sorting
Microfluidic chip-based cell sorting helps solve problems found in conventional cell sorters. The two common cell isolation technologies currently utilized in the cell therapy manufacturing space, magnetic cell separation and fluorescence-based cell isolation, can result in Sorter Induced Cell Stress (SICS). On-chip Sort, the world's first microfluidic chip-based cell sorter, uses a unique sorting mechanism to eliminate many of the challenges involved in the jet-in-air method to reduce SICS significantly. On-chip Sort's no electrical charge, no collision, and low-pressure sorting is a solution for damage-free, stress-free cell sorting of your valuable samples.
The On-chip Sort also helps improve the consistency and reproducibility of results by reducing the potential for contamination. On-chip Sort is compact enough to fit inside a bio-safety cabinet. On-chip Sort does not produce aerosols during sorting, so it can accommodate biohazardous samples. In addition, using a disposable and sterilized chip as the core of its technology helps prevent cross-contamination between samples.
cell sorting
on-chip sort
On-chip Sort Publications
Create a Culture Microenvironment
The On-chip Droplet Generator allows the mass production of two types of droplets, micrometer-sized water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion droplets and gel microdrops (GMDs) with a unique microfluidic chip. The individual droplets function as miniaturized vessels for reactions such as microbial/cell cultivation and genetic analysis.
Enhance Your Research within Micro Scale Aqueous Droplets
Droplet technology is now recognized as a prominent high-throughput screening method allowing single cell analysis or simultaneous assay of more than 1 million samples.
On-chip Droplet Generator allows you to explore novel microorganisms in the environment.
  • Complete encapsulation, cultivation, and isolation of a variety of microorganisms including soil microorganisms, intestinal microbiota, or marine microorganisms.
  • Develop highly productive strains.
  • Detect and separate enzymes and metabolites secreted in droplets.
  • Screen antibody-producing cells.
  • Develop stable and productive antibody-forming cell lines.
on-chip droplet generator
Imaging and Analysis System for 3D Cell Cultures
Whether conducting research in developmental biology, regenerative medicine, drug discovery or more, imaging and analysis of cells is critical.
PHCNA offers the Cell3iMager series, manufactured by SCREEN Holdings, which captures and analyzes 2D and 3D cultured cells at high speed using a unique optical system and image processing technology.
Deep learning analysis allows high-confluence and non-uniform organoid images to be accurately extracted and measured. Detection of cells by their degree of differentiation and cell morphology is enabled with the deep learning software.
Real volume of spheroids application note
SCREEN - Real Volume of Spheroids Application Note
PrimeSurface® 3D Spheroid Well Plates
PHCNA partners with S-Bio to provide PrimeSurface 3D cell culture well plates designed with a variety of well shapes to enable spheroid culturing of your specific cell type. PrimeSurface cell culture labware leverages ultra-low attachment (ULA) dishes and plates that promote scaffold-free self-assembly of spheroid formation. The plates are pre-coated with a unique ultra-hydrophilic polymer that enables spontaneous spheroid formation of uniform size and shape.
PrimeSurface ULA plates are designed to provide high optical clarity, making them highly suitable for bright field imaging and confocal microscopy. In addition to the widely used 96 well U bottom plate, 96 well plates are also available in V and M bottom, enabling the formation of tighter spheroids that are preferred for specific cell types. For high throughput screening (HTS) needs, 384 well plates are available in clear and white.
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Live Cell Metabolic Analyzer
live cell metabolic analyzer
Investigation and understanding of cellular metabolic activities are increasingly important in cell and gene therapy manufacturing, particularly in cancer immunotherapies like chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy and T-cell receptor (TCR)-based adoptive therapies. A main component of cellular energy metabolism is the glycolytic pathway. Conventionally, glycolytic pathway analysis is conducted using estimates of glucose and lactate concentrations derived from data points taken from periodic sampling.
The PHCbi brand LiCellMo™ is being designed to revolutionize cell metabolism analysis by enabling real-time, continuous monitoring of glucose and lactate concentrations without periodic sampling. Real-time visualization of glycolytic changes provides an increased understanding of metabolism by revealing changes in metabolic rate that occur between each media change. New insights can lead to novel research in cancer immunology and stem cell research, help effective process development of cell and gene therapy products, and improve precision and repeatability in cell and gene therapy manufacturing.
phcbi in-line monitoring white paper
In-Line Monitoring of Culture Medium Using Live Cell Metabolic Analyzer White Paper
metabolic profile white paper
Visualization of Metabolic Profile of Immune Cells Using Metabolic Inhibitors White Paper
PHCNA Supports Your Cell and Gene Therapy Workflow
Providing optimal laboratory equipment to support your autologous, allogeneic, and other cell and gene therapy work.
cell and gene therapy workflow
Laboratory Refrigerators
Protect stored media, reagents, chemotherapy, pharmaceutical, and other products in PHCbi brand +2°C to +8°C undercounter and upright refrigerators.
Cell Imaging and Analysis
Improve therapeutic product quality and consistency through advanced cell imaging and analysis products.
Cell Sorting
Eliminate damage from decompression shock and shear stress and reduce contamination with microfluidic cell sorting, leading to greater cell health and purity.
Cell Culturing
Ensure reproducibility while mitigating contamination risks through active and passive decontamination features with high-quality cell culture labware and incubators.
Protect stored media, reagents, chemotherapy, pharmaceutical, and other products in PHCbi brand +2°C to +8°C undercounter and upright refrigerators.
**Product in Development
PHCbi Brand Cell Culture CO2 and Multigas Incubators
PHCbi brand Cell-IQ™ CO2 and O2 incubators are designed to deliver reproducibility critical to cell and gene therapy manufacturing. Our cell culture incubators provide a state-of-the-art environment designed to enhance cell growth while mitigating external threats that contribute to cell contamination, stress and cell lysis. Precision environmental control in CO2 and multigas (CO2/O2) PHCbi brand incubators help achieve reproducibility, accuracy, and sustainability. Your desired temperature and gas concentrations replicate the in vivo model of any cell culture environment with precision and predictability.
VIP ECO ultra-low freezer with lady looking at a biological sample
About PHC Corporation of North America

PHC Corporation of North America, located in Wood Dale, IL, is a leader in laboratory equipment for the biopharmaceutical, life sciences, academic, healthcare and government markets. Product lines under the PHCbi brand include the space saving and energy efficient VIP® ECO and TwinGuard® ultra-low temperature freezers, cryogenic and biomedical freezers, pharmacy and high-performance refrigerators, cell culture CO2 and multigas incubators, and Drosophila/plant growth chambers. PHC Corporation of North America is a subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, which is a global healthcare company that develops, manufactures, sells, and services solutions across diabetes management, healthcare solutions, diagnostics and life sciences.