Customer Satisfaction Corporate Social Responsibility

Customer Satisfaction 

Based on our corporate mission, we strive to create new values and offer products and services that best fulfil customers' expectations, thus creating a better future for healthcare.

Create New Value with Customer-Centric Perspective and Contribute to Society
The PHC Group and PHC Europe takes customer consultations and complaints seriously, as well as deepening relationships with customers, and aims to maximize customer satisfaction and trust by providing valuable products and services that exceed their expectations.

CS philosophy : “Thank you” with a Smile
We will contribute to creating the future of our valuable customers by creating new value utilizing the voices of all people who wish for better health.

Aiming for Customer Satisfaction
PHC Europe runs a continuous customer satisfaction survey and a customer feedback system, accessible to all employees, in order to achieve continuous improvements. We will listen carefully to customer feedback, strive to improve skills to respond promptly and reliably, and foster a corporate culture and awareness that each employee acts from the customer's point of view, and strengthen the mind.
Therefore, we have designed and implemented our own feedback system in which each employee can, among other things, register feedback, assign someone to follow up, and indicate the priority. The quality & compliance department ensures that the feedback is handled correctly.