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Centrifuge Tube

Radiation Sterilized
15mL Conicaltube


Centrifuge tube for high recovery of stem cellsafter centrifugation

STEMFULL™, a centrifuge tube with an ultra-hydrophilic polymer coating that minimizes cell loss from non-specific binding to the wall of the tube, resulting in higher cell recovery rates after centrifugation. The ultra-hydrophilic polymer on the tube surface is a covalent bound coating which minimizes the risk of eluting materials..

High recovery rate

The STEMFULL™ tube provides a 2 times higher cell recovery rate than conventional tubes.

Ultra-hydrophilic polymer coating

The STEMFULL™ tube has a unique, covalent bound Ultra- Hydrophilic polymer coating to prevent non-specific binding of cells to the tube.

For recovering strong adherent cells

STEMFULL™ has been effectively used to recover strong adherent cells such as Human Stem Cells.


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Product Code Article nr. Material Note  Quantity
Stemfull 15 tube  MS-90150Z Polypropylene  Radiation sterilized  100 (5pcs/bag x 20)
Conical 50 ml tube MS-52550Z Body: Polypropylene
Cap: Polyethylene
Radiation sterilized   100 (5pcs/bag x 20)


 Operation Condition  -80 ˚C to 40 ˚C
 Centrifugal Strength  Up to 4,640 G
 Storage Condition Room Temperature
 Radiation Sterilized Yes