Cell Transport Container (12 well Inserts)

Closed Type

Ideal for culture and transport of cell sheets
Easy to set up


Your innovative partner in LIVE SAMPLE TRANSPORT solutions

A closed-type primary container developed through joint research with the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research. It allows for high efficiency in cell processing and packaging, etc. to stabilize and maintain the cell’ s characteristics and structure.

  • Ideal for the culture and transport of cell sheets using 12-well inserts.
  • Simple structure with only 3 parts, easy to set up.
  • Silicon rubber inner container stabilizes and retains the insert to achieve a complete seal between the main container and the cap.
  • Uses medical-grade silicon rubber. (Compatible with USP class IV, ISO10993-5)
  • Minimizes the required amount of culture media. (Approx. 6.6 mL when filled)
  • CO2 gas permeable silicone maintains optimum pH (vent type only)

Secundary container

The superb pliant shape and ingenious nose geometry make it possible to scrape out cells in every corner. This shape of the iP-TEC® mini scraper provides ease of grabbing enables nuanced movements.

  • Polycarbonate secondary vessel
  • Stackable
  • Dedicated design to hold all iP-TEC® primary containers and iP-TEC® covered culture plates and dishes
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Product Photos


Cell Transport Container 
IPT-28635 Closed type  12 pcs (2 pcs/bag x 6)
IPT-28636 Vent Type 12 pcs (2 pcs/bag x 6)
Secondary Container
IPT-28516 Secondary Container 1 pcs
iP-TEC® Secondary container private mesh cushion
IPT-28530 Mesh Cushion 20 mm 1 pcs
  • Used to stabilize contents of secondary container, Material/elastomer, Can be re-used after washing and autoclaving, 6, 12 & 24 well plates: 20mm cushion, 96 well plate: 30mm cushion, for dishes: 30mm cushion
Barrier pouch and liquid absorbent sheet.
IPT-28628 Barrier Pouch (B4 Type) 20 pcs
IPT-28630 Liquid Absorbent Sheets 20 pcs
  • Pressure-resistant and hermetically-sealed pouch (secondary container) enabling the safe transport of clinical specimen and test specimen
  • Even in temperature range of 40 ºC ~ +55 ºC with inner pressure of 95kPa, the contents will not leak (tested and proven in a third-party institution in Japan)
  • With the newly-developed check-valve method, a high level of pressure resistance performance has been achieved (patent obtained). With this method which is not dependent on costly adhesives, low cost and price reduction can be attained simultaneously
  • Barrier pouch B4 can fit 1 iP-TEC container