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Flask 25

User friendly for pipette and scraper
Safely stackable


Your innovative partner in LIVE SAMPLE TRANSPORT solutions

When transporting cells in live condition, there is a risk that culture medium in a flask gets shaken and cells scale. By filling a flask with culture medium it can be transported in safety without this risk. Yet, this will make the amount of culture medium increase and costs more in conventional flasks. To solve this, we created a revolutionary form which minimizes the amount of culture medium used for transport without changing its incubation area.

  • User friendly for pipette and scraper
  • Safely stackable
  • Culture medium always stable
  • Incubation surface does not get dried
  • Prevents shaking and foaming of the culture media

Mini Scraper

The superb pliant shape and ingenious nose geometry make it possible to scrape out cells in every corner. This shape of the iP-TEC® mini scraper provides ease of grabbing enables nuanced movements.
  • Product are packaged separately for ease of opening and sterility.

Secondary Container of Live-Transport

During transport the iP-TEC®T-25 flasks must be kept as save as possible. A dedicated transport container provides a stable environment with specially designed holders for the flasks. Up to 6 iP-TEC®T-25 flasks van be shipped at once.

  • Secondary container dedicated for transporting iP-TEC® flask -25
  • All parts of the secondarily container can be autoclaved

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Product Photos


IPT-28445 Ip-TEC® Flask 25  100 (10 pcs/bag x 10)
Mini Scraper
IPT-28448 Ip-TEC® Mini Scraper 100 (10 pcs/bag x 10)
Secondary Container for Flask-25
IPT-28451 1 Set  1 set
IPT-28452 Insert for 3 x iP-TEC®T-25 flask 12 pcs
IPT-28453 Liquid Absorbing sheet 36 pcs