Laboratory Autoclaves


50 Liter
Sterilisation temperature
105 - 135°C


Convenient sterilisation on demand offers great flexibility a MLS series top-loading autoclaves are a popular method of sterilisation for today’s research laboratories.

PHCbi's MLS-530L-PE laboratory autoclave provide a safe and reliable high pressure steam sterilizing environment within a unit that is particularly easy to use. The Permission management function can be set to security High or Low and provides a robust management and maintenance of the unit by limiting the range of setting for each class.

Accurate & Customizable

A microprocessor monitors and controls steam temperature within the chamber, ensuring that it is maintained within the 105°C – 135°C range. Sterilisation temperature and time can be easily adjusted as needed.

Variety Applications

Applicable to healthcare, scientific research units, such as used for sterilization of labware, culture media and sealing liquid or preparations.

Beside the 50 liter this autoclave is also available in 80 liter (MLS-830L-PE)

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The work conditions shown on the control panel (temperature/ pressure inside chamber, sterilizing course, time) can be printed for record keeping.


The compact design is ideal where space is limited. The body of the unit, with its built in exhaust bottle, measures a mere 520 x 660 mm so it will fit in the tightest spaces. Four wheels allow the unit to be easily moved.

Extra Features

  • 7-inch large color LCD touch screen allows easy operation.
  • Four different operation modes can be selected: Instrument sterilisation, Fluid sterilisation, Sterilise & Retain Temperature and Melt & Retain Temperature.
  • Scheduled Operation allows shortening preparing time and improve work efficiency.
  • Optional sample temperature sensor can be used for temperature management and maximize the effectiveness of sterilization.

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External Dimensions (W x D x H) 520 x 660 x 881 mm
Chamber Dimensions (diameter x depth) 370 x 470 mm
Effective Capacity 50 liter
Net Weight 105 kg
Chamber Material Stainless steel (SUS 304)
Stainless Steel Baskets 2
Dimension baskets 332 x 195,5 Ø mm
Drain Bottle 5 ltr polyetylene tank
Sterilisation Temperature 105 ~ 135 °C
Temperature Gauge Range Touchscreen display 45 - 150 °C
Pressure Gauge Range 0 - 0.4 Mpa
Timer Setting Range 1min to 99h59min
Pressure Safety Valve Y
Over-Temperature Limiter Y
Over-Pressure Limiter Y
Anti-Scorch Limiter Y
Door Interlock Y
Current Fuse Y