New VIP® ECO Biorepository Freezer Earns ENERGY STAR® Certification

February 14, 2020
PHC Corporation of North America

Wood Dale, IL, February 14, 2020 – PHC Corporation of North America announces the introduction of a new 29.8 cu.ft. -80°C ultra-low freezer which has earned ENERGY STAR® Certification (Certification 4789267856).

Designed for biorepositories and large-scale tissue banks, this large volume freezer joins the VIP® ECO product line, which includes the original 25.7 cu.ft. VIP ECO upright freezer and a smaller 18.6 cu.ft. model, introduced in 2019.

The three VIP ECO freezers are engineered to optimize energy-efficient ultra-low temperature storage solutions to achieve significant savings in long-term operating costs. Ideal for new or upgrade replacement use, these freezers require only 115V AC power, with 220V AC models also available.

Since introduction of the first 25.7 cu.ft. VIP ECO in 2017, independent test results and studies conducted by leading medical research facilities confirm the original VIP ECO freezer as the best all-around performing freezer in its class as measured by a composite of temperature uniformity, temperature recovery and energy consumption without compromising function.

The PHC Corporation innovative refrigeration platform is based upon new generation variable speed compressors and predictive performance electronics that combine to provide reserve cooling capacity to accommodate high ambient temperatures and facility voltage fluctuations typical of real-world installations. Automatic restart assurance following power outages or power backup switchovers eliminates uncertainty during weather events.

The PHCbi brand selection, engineered to support life science, clinical, biotech, pharmaceutical and industrial research, features products designed for investigating and preserving cell cultures and other life forms.

High performance refrigerators, refrigerator/freezer combinations and new -40°C freezers complement a product family that protects temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, vaccines, enzymes, media feedstocks and additives essential to reproducible research and production.

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