Scale-Up Culture-Based Therapeutics

April 1, 2020
PHC Corporation of North America

Wood Dale, IL, April 1, 2020 – PHC Corporation of North America announces a cell production incubator providing a unique cell growth environment to maximized yield, designed for laboratories cultivating mammalian cells used in whole cell production or production of biological elements and byproducts including antibodies, enzymes, nucleic acids, therapeutic proteins, vaccines and viral vectors. The MCO-80ICL is ideal for small to medium scale cell production of adherent or suspension lines, easily accommodating hyperstacks, stirrers, shaker apparatus, roller bottles, as well as pilot-scale development toward bioreactor capacities.

Environmental Control

This reach-in incubator incorporates infrared CO2 sensor technology that controls positive-pressure horizontal laminar airflow throughout the chamber maintaining accurate temperature, humidity, and pH levels to match media buffer levels. The immediate response of IR measurement is not affected by temperature or chamber humidity which provides rapid return to set-point conditions after door opening without CO2 overshoot. Integrated intelligent circulation, water pan refresh, and UV light are interrupted at door opening to reduce external affects during access, however additional isolation can be afforded via the five inner-door option.

Active and Passive Contamination Mitigation

Redundant contamination mitigation systems inhibit surface, water, and airborne contamination. These include inCu-saFe® copper-enriched interior surfaces which combine the structural durability and anti-oxidative properties of stainless steel with the anti-microbial properties of copper for a clean, strong, surface that eliminates formation of rogue colonies on chamber surfaces. A SafeCell™ UV light, concealed in the rear wall plenum away from the chamber, destroys airborne pathogens and maintain a sterile water supply in the humidity pan.

Laboratory Integration

The incubator is designed for stand-alone operation with all functions managed by a microprocessor controller accessed through touchscreen interface. Monitoring includes independent LED displays for temperature and CO2 with alarm deviation limits that seamlessly integrate into the building management systems.

The PHCbi MCO-80ICL cell production incubator provides clean, safe, fertile environment for autologous or allogeneic cell production.

Detailed information is available online.