10 |Sales and After-Sales Service

We always strive to learn more about our products. Before new products go into mass production at the factory, our sales personnel receives extensive knowledge about the products through intensive sales training. During the training, we learn all about the features of our new products and the differences between ours and competitive products. If you would like to know about products of other companies, just ask us! Sales people are not only our company employees. Many dealers and distributors around the world who handle life sciences equipment are very important partners for us. We listen to what they have to say as well as what the customers tell us. Please contact us if there is ever an issue with our equipment.
A service engineer trained in our medical equipment will visit you as soon as possible. Our support service team will respond to all your inquiries, ranging from everyday repair correspondence to professional validation of your equipment.
Our technical support service teams receive extensive training at regularly scheduled intervals. Technical support Service staff from around the world attend the annual training sessions at the Gunma factory. They learn about correct product maintenance and are trained to perform other important procedures such as exchanging and filling refrigerants using state-of-the-art processes and procedures.

Sales teams possess expert-level knowledge on cell culture solutions such as our Cell Processing Center (CPC), Cell Processing Work Station (CPWS), as well as proper maintenance procedures for delicate equipment and sophisticated facilities. The dedicated special support team for cell culture facilities is able to respond to cases requiring extremely high precision, such as validating an entire facility and adjustments to equipment. When important research results are announced in the life sciences field and become newsworthy topics, you can take it for granted that our facilities, equipmentand sales/maintenance team are almost always playing an active role. Sales people and support teams are always happy to listen to their customers. Any ideas you may have which can help us improve our products are genuinely welcome.