Developing Human Resources Respecting Human Rights

Developing Human Resources

At PHC Europe, we strongly believe that the growth of our employees is the driving force of the company. As a successful and intelligent organization our people are central to executing and managing the business strategy. No matter how hard our agreements, procedures, processes and systems are, we depend on the skills and knowledge of our dedicated workforce, working well and passionately with each other and with our systems to execute the strategy.

In order to respond to changes in today's world, where the future is difficult to predict, we focus on enriching learning opportunities to support employees' career autonomy and autonomous learning. We also provide opportunities for employees to present their ideas to management, and are committed to carefully developing the spark of innovation that resides in each individual's ideas.

Providing learning opportunities
As part of the continuous improvement of both personal and business skills, PHC Europe offers its employees the use of one of the largest and best equipped online learning platforms available. This enables everyone to develop their skills to the best of their ability when they need to; Individually and available at any time of the day at any possible device.

Improving professional skills
In addition, there are opportunities for job-related and various technical training courses. Through on-site and on-the-job training, employees can acquire the specialised skills needed for each job category