Education on Human Rights & Corporate Culture Respecting Human Rights

Education on Human Rights & Corporate Culture

The PHC Group has developed the “PHC Group Human Rights Policy” and the “Compliance Basic Rules” based on our Mission. PHC Europe fully supports this Policy and complies with the rules These guidelines are to be observed when conducting all business activities. We make it a policy to work on respecting human rights through cultivating corporate culture and education for executives and employees in Group companies. Activities include:

  • Respecting basic human rights
  • Working on stakeholders
  • Eliminating discrimination
  • Securing the workplace environment
  • Eliminating child labour and forced labour, and offering training
  • Offering Training
PHC Europe’s manufacturing companies in Japan and Indonesia request suppliers in the product/parts supply chain to answer self-assessment forms on CSR procurement, including human rights risks. Based on the self-assessment results, both sides cooperate to reduce human rights risks, such as “forced labour and child labour” and “unfair labour”.