Controlled Rate Freezer

CBS 2101

Optimized Freezing
Flexible Storage


2101 Controlled Rate Freezer

The 2101 Controlled Rate Freezer from Custom Biogenic Systems ensures samples are frozen at a precise, optimal rate to prevent lethal intracellular freezing for increased viability with reproducible, traceable results. Ideal for freezing of cell culture and Biobank samples prior to long-term storage in LN2 freezers or PHCbi -150°C ULT freezers.

Unlimited Programming Capability

Limitless programmes can be set to advance sample or chamber temperature wit up to 30 data fields available for each run. 6 pre-set common programs are provided as standard.

Flexible Freezing

Temperatures can be set between 50°C to -180°C with rates from 0.01°C/ min to 99.9°C/min. Final temperatures can be held after completion of the freezing program.

Diverse Sample Types

Every 2101 Controlled Rate Freezer comes with a choice of either a cane, vial or bag canister rack as standard, and the possibility to order further racks as required.

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External Dimensions 484 x 648 x 770 mm (W x D x H)
Internal Dimensions 356 x 243 x 349 mm (W x D x H)
Volume 28 Litre
Net Weight 34,7 kg
Capacity 130 Canes
Programmable Temperature Range +50 to -180 °C
Programmable Cooling Rate Range 0.01 to 99.9 °C / min
Controller Laptop controller (included)
Operating System Windows based
Temperature sensor type T thermocouple (2 as standard, up to 8 with multi-probe)
Exterior Material Powder coated stainless steel
Interior Material Stainless steel
Max. load - total 20 kg
Power Supply 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Noise Level <66 dB


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