Controlled Rate Freezer

IntelliRate i67C

67 kg
Programmable temperature range
-180°C to +50˚C


Perfectly sized to efficiently scale precision rate freezing as your needs grow.

Advancing Precision in Controlled Rate Freezing with LN2

As cell-based research and bioproduction volumes increase, you need a repeatable freezing process that can efficiently improve post-thaw viability rates and cryopreservation quality at scale. CBS designed the new IntelliRate i67C to increase single-batch, liquid nitrogen (LN2) controlled rate freezing (CRF) capacities to meet your needs as development and manufacturing volumes increase.

Increase Rate Freezing Batch Capacity

With 40% more capacity than any other benchtop CRF, not increase production levels, but also ensure more process consistency.

Increase Quantity Cost Effectively

Expand controlled rate freezing throughput with significantly larger batches, without adding significant cost. Save time by running thousands of samples in a single run.

Use Workspace More Efficiently

With its compact footprint accommodating larger capacity, the IntelliRate i67C frees up valuable workspace by using a single unit to freeze larger volumes.


Touchscreen controller

Use the largest touchscreen controller in its class to execute a wide range of preset and variable programming capabilities.

More Freezing Capacity

67-liter volume inside the chamber delivers more batch capacity to freeze: 104 50mL bags / 272 canes / 2166 2mL vials / 100 cassettes.

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External Dimensions 495 x 781 x 787 mm (W x D x H)
Internal Dimensions 406 x 406 x406 mm (W x D x H)
Volume 67 Litre
Net Weight 34,7 kg
Capacity 272 canes
Programmable Temperature Range -180°C to +50˚C
Power Supply 120/230 v

Programming and Control

Preset Programs -6 with unlimited variations
- Repeatable temperature rate changes within cycles
Freeze rates - 0.01 to 99.9˚C per minute
- 21 CRF Part 11 compliant reporting protocols

Options and Accessories

Multi-probe version provides temperature monitoring at six additional customer-specified positions
Innovative racking systems: choose how you want to freeze, retrieve and move samples to long-term storage or into clinical use
Broad array of LN2 management, monitoring, sample handling and freezer accessories