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A critical point were the conditions of the samples before testing

Eurofins Medinet is a member of the Eurofins Pharma Services Group, which currently employs over 700 people around the world working in highly automated laboratories under strict quality systems and serves the needs of Eurofins’ current and fast-expanding client base. The portfolio offered by Eurofins Pharma Services spans nearly the entire product development cycle for the pharmaceutical industry — from discovery through clinical trial phases, through post registration and marketing. Very few companies offer such a broad technical and geographical portfolio.

With facilities in France, the United States of America, Singapore, China and the Netherlands, and truly global coverage via standardized partners in, for example, South Africa, India and Japan, the aim is to set a new standard in clinical laboratory services.

The Eurofins Medinet laboratory facility in the Netherlands is located in Breda. In the past year a large pharmaceutical clinical trail was started which had to be regulated from the location in Breda. A critical point in these clinical trails is the pre-analytic phase, which means the conditions of the samples before testing. Part of the preanalytical phase is the storage of the sample. If a sample is stored incorrectly, for example in a wrong container or at the wrong temperature, it can have a great influence on the test results.

All deliveries could be handled in a short period of time

At first, the regulation of sample storage and sample logistics was that the samples were collected at the different sites and sent immediately one by one on dry ice to the Breda laboratory where they were stored at the right temperature.
To optimise the storage conditions of the samples, a project was started between Eurofins Medinet and PHC Europe B.V.

Eurofins Medinet was looking for a freezer which was compact, reliable, provided a stable temperature, was customer friendly and could be transported fast and easy. Also, the freezers had to be sent by the supplier to the different sites all across Europe.
PHCbi was the supplier who could meet these demands with the MDF-C8V1. This freezer is 84 litres -80°C with a stable temperature due to its special designed compressor, a compact design due to VIP insulation, and is easy to use because of its “plug and play” installation.

All the deliveries could be handled in a short period of time because the European MDF-C8V1stock is in Etten-Leur and the stock was filled with about 125 units of MDF-C8V. Deliveries outside of the Netherlands were done using an external transportation company; deliveries in the Netherlands were done with PHCbi ’s own trucks.

To date, PHCbi MDF-C8V1 -80°C freezers have been sent to over 100 different locations all across Europe. The clinical trail samples are now collected at the different sites under the same conditions in the MDF-C8V1 and when needed the samples are sent to the Breda laboratory together. In this way all the samples have the same storage and logistics. Up until now there have not been any major difficulties with the deliveries, and Eurofins Medinet has complimented PHCbi on doing all the work so quickly and smoothly.