LabSVIFT™ IoT Lab Management Solution

Map, Track, and Manage Critical Lab Devices

LabSVIFT Features

More Than Monitoring

The LabSVIFT IoT Lab Management Solution goes beyond basic laboratory monitoring. LabSVIFT is a whole-lab management solution that allows you to keep an eye on critical laboratory equipment assets in one, streamlined platform. Monitor laboratory equipment, anticipate potential problems, minimize the amount of time needed to resolve them, and maximize the efficiency of your entire facility.

LabSVIFT Cloud Based Web Service

Expansive Compatibility

The LabSVIFT solution is compatible with a range of products and manufacturers to help ensure your entire laboratory is connected.

PHCbi Temperature Monitoring
Measured Parameters
    Temp Door Openings Events Ambient Status Warnings User Access Set Values Defrost CO2, O2
VIP ECO and TwinGuard® GEN 2          
Refrigerator MPR (OLED) GEN 2        
MDF (-30°C, -40°C) GEN 2        
MCO Incubator GEN 2        
Undercounter Refrigerator/Freezer GEN 1                
Other PHCbi brand Models, 3rd-Party GEN 1                

Cloud-Based Device Management

The cloud-based LabSVIFT system enables 24/7 monitoring* with a multifunctional web app that lets you map, track, and manage all your connected devices. Centralized laboratory equipment monitoring lets you manage your lab from the cloud. Timely alerts via email or SMS1 add an extra margin of safety to help ensure you never miss a critical notification.

*24/7 real time monitoring applies only under optimal network and server conditions

PHCbi Laboratory Monitoring System

FDA Compliant, Centralized Records with Audit Trail2

LabSVIFT helps your team to remain FDA 21CFR Part 11 compliant by providing an audit trail2 function that ensures the authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality of electronic data. Easy to create evidence management documents and centrally stored data improves efficiency so you can focus on your work, not data management.

PHCbi brand technical programs are also available to provide validation and calibration services to ensure data accuracy.

Easy Installation, Setup, and Operation

The LabSVIFT solution is equipped with digital sensors that can be replaced with pre-calibrated sensors when it is time to recertify. No more expensive and time-consuming service visits for calibration. Old sensors can be returned for calibration when convenient, so you never experience downtime.

LabSVIFT allows you to monitor one piece of equipment or your entire lab, facility, or multiple facilities.

LabSVIFT helps provide a greater level of protection for your high value samples.

LabSVIFT measures real-time equipment performance to provide timely and accurate system alerts. This delivers better specimen security by providing alerts that help identify issues.

Efficiency and Accuracy

The LabSVIFT IoT Lab Management Solution is designed to create a foundation of highly accurate, real-time monitoring that helps improve data-based decisions. Centralized, secure data storage from all your critical laboratory equipment simplifies data analysis. Reports and a customizable user interface reduce document prep time and improve accuracy, allowing you to focus on your core business.

1 Not available with Lite subscription
2 Some functions are only available with certain service/subscription plans


LabSVIFT Lab Management Solution

LabSVIFT consolidates the management of multiple laboratory devices into one, streamlined platform that helps improve efficiency, and simplifies daily operations. The user-friendly web app enables remote device monitoring, timely notifications, lab management tracking, and more. Map, track, and manage your critical laboratory devices from one floor to the next or across facilities. LabSVIFT is compatible with with a range of cloud-based laboratory devices, including PHCbi brand units and equipment from other leading manufacturers. Older laboratory equipment generations can be retrofitted to LabSVIFT for limited monitoring parameters.

LabSVIFT supports your laboratory management safely and securely 24/7* whether you’re in the lab or remote.

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*24/7 real time monitoring applies only under optimal network and server conditions

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