TwinGuard® ECO Series Pharmaceutical Refrigerator


Effective capacity
40.8 cu.ft. (1155 L)
Temperature range
2℃ to 14℃

Model MPR-S1201RXH-PA Features

Purpose-Built Cold Chain Storage

PHCbi brand pharmaceutical refrigerators are engineered from the inside out to create, maintain, and restore precise temperatures necessary for vaccine storage. Our purpose-built pharmaceutical refrigerators are designed for temperature uniformity and stability that is not commonly found with household or commercial cabinets. PHCbi brand pharmacy refrigerators satisfy current and evolving storage protocols essential for vaccine cold chain storage.

Ultimate Sample Protection

TwinGuard dual cooling ensures stable in-chamber temperature with twice the sample protection for double the peace of mind. Dual independent refrigerating circuits are housed within a single unit. In the event of a malfunction in one circuit, the second circuit seamlessly takes over, steadfastly sustaining the in-chamber temperature at SV 5°C (±3°C).* This dual safety feature acts as a fail-safe mechanism, providing enhanced security for the preservation of vital stored items.

*Factory 9-point temperature testing in AT +23°C

Superior Temperature Uniformity

The cutting-edge refrigeration system ensures reliable, uniform temperature control. Natural HC refrigerants and state of the art inverter-controlled compressors achieve significant reduction in power consumption and greater uniformity than predecessor models.i In-chamber temperature control adapts to ambient temperature through an intelligent compressor control mechanism. This ensures energy efficiency while maintaining optimal performance based on environmental conditions.

Ergonomic Design

TwinGuard ECO Series refrigerators are designed for ergonomic use and enable a clear view of stored items through the large glass panels. The slim profile, space-saving design also allows for quick retrieval of all products and requires less installation space.

Enhanced Condensation Mitigation

The thermal, double-pane sliding glass door with Low-E coating is thoughtfully engineered to enhance energy efficiency, shield stored items from heat transfer through the window, and prevent moisture formation on the glass surface.

A top-mounted heater and warm air emitted from the air vents near the sliding glass door rail complement the door design to provide enhanced condensation mitigation on the glass surface. The meticulous design ensures optimal preservation conditions and contributes to the overall performance of the refrigeration system.

OLED Control Panel & Microprocessor Controller

The PHCbi microprocessor includes comprehensive setpoint, alarms, monitoring, and diagnostic functions. The microprocessor and the electronic temperature controls ensure the set temperature is maintained.

The microprocessor controller and OLED display ensure intuitive use, seamlessly enhancing visibility and operation. Conveniently manage temperatures in precise 0.1°C increments. Minimum and maximum temperatures are easily accessed for 12 or 24 hours.

Safe & Secure Storage

Standard features include adjustable audible and visual alarms, providing a flexible alert system tailored to your needs. The password protected control panel provides security. Alarm conditions are promptly displayed and meticulously recorded for USB data retrieval.

Energy Efficient

Natural HC refrigerants, inverter-controlled compressors, and a new Cycle-Defrost system combine to improve in-chamber temperature control. Peak-to-peak measurements at 9 positions inside the chamber indicate temperature distribution within 2°C to 8°C

i Based upon PHCNA internal data.


TwinGuard ECO

The PHCbi brand TwinGuard ECO Series MPR-S1201RXH-PA Pharmaceutical Refrigerator provides twice the sample protection for double the peace of mind. Two independent cooling circuits work together, both independently and concurrently, to provide a comprehensive solution to potential challenges, ensuring the continuity and safety of your precious contents. The cutting-edge refrigeration system ensures reliable, uniform temperature control. Natural HC refrigerants and state-of-the-art inverter-controlled compressors achieve a significant reduction in power consumption and greater uniformity than predecessor models.

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TwinGuard Series Products

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EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS 70.9" W x 25.6" D x 71.8" H (1800 x 650 x 1824 mm)
INTERNAL DIMENSIONS 66.9" W x 20.1" D x 56.1" H (1700 x 510 x 1425 mm)
EFFECTIVE CAPACITY 40.8 cu.ft. (1155 L)
INSULATION Rigid polyurethane foamed-in-place
SHELVES Hard steel wire on polyester coating, 6 shelves (allowable load 44 lbs. (20 kg)/shelf), 10 sliding drawer racks
ACCESS PORT 3: Back (Right middle, Right Bottom, Left Middle, 1.18" [30 mm] diameter)
EVAPORATOR Fin and tube type
REFRIGERANT R-600a (45g x 2)
DEFROSTING Sensor initiated cycle defrost
ALARMS High temperature, low temperature, 0°C, door, power failure
NET WEIGHT 277 kg (611 lbs)
TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM Microprocessor Control System
DATA MANAGEMENT Optional with LabAlert Monitoring System, LabSVIFT (Gen 3 Compatible)


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