PHCbi Brand Laboratory Equipment

PHC Corporation of North America (PHCNA) supplies a variety of world-class PHCbi brand biomedical products known for class-leading reliability and performance. Our extensive product offerings cover your laboratory equipment needs, from cell analysis to incubation and preservation.
PHCbi brand incubators are intelligently designed to deliver optimal culturing conditions with a variety of decontamination options for the repeatability you need. PHCbi brand ultra-low temperature freezers and biomedical refrigerators and freezers deliver class-leading recovery and temperature uniformity, while our cryogenic freezers eliminate reliance on LN2 for an economical alternative. Our medical grade pharmacy refrigerators and freezers provide precise temperature control to help protect the potency of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals. The PHCbi brand includes CDC compliant vaccine storage solutions several product offerings that are ENERGY STAR® Certified as well as products that are cleanroom classified.