MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators with Freezer

MPR-N250FH-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer

Effective capacity
Refrigerator 179L / Freezer 80L
Temperature range
Refrigerator 2℃ to 14℃ / Freezer -20℃ to -30℃


Providing a complete storage solution; refrigerator and freezer in one unit

The MPR-N250FH-PE combines high-performance refrigeration with a -30°C freezing environment within a small footprint for flexible, reliable and convenient sample storage. Natural refrigerants minimize environmental impact for a sustainable storage solution.

Environmentally Friendly Storage Solution

Naturally occurring hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants have minimal effect on the environment and are compliant with environmental legislation for climate control. Combined with inverter technology, these refrigerants also provide more efficient cooling and lower running costs.

Superior Uniformity

The refrigerator provides superior uniformity throughout. Temperatures remain stable wherever products are stored, even in a fully loaded chamber. The refrigerator is engineered to prevent inadvertent freezing of temperature sensitive vaccines.

Precise Control & Intelligent Monitoring

A microprocessor controller and accurate sensors maintain precise refrigerator and freezer temperatures that are displayed simultaneously on an OLED panel. A USB port provides simple and convenient transfer of logged data to a PC including temperature, door opening times and alarm history.

Temperature Distribution

The refrigerator includes a high performance refrigeration system with a forced air, back wall plenum. This provides even, horizontal airflow across the solid, adjustable glass shelves at each shelf level. A uniform freezer temperature is maintained through a cold wall refrigeration system with natural circulation.

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Two Temperatures, One Unit

Secure storage at both freezing and refrigerated temperatures, within a minimal footprint, is an ideal solution for installation in smaller spaced.

Temperature controllability

The OLED panel has good visibility and intuitive operation. It displays detailed temperatures with increment of 0.1°C, minimal and maximal temperature for every 24 hours and can show refrigerator and freezer temperature simultaneously. The USB port and log functions simplifies temperature data management.

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External Dimensions (W x D x H) 510 x 640 x 1810 mm
Internal Dimensions (W x D x H) 430 x 516 x 903 mm (Ref) / 390 x 501 x 413 mm (Frz)
Volume 179/80 litres (Ref/Frz)
Net Weight 95 kg
Temperature Setting Range -
Temperature Control Range +2 to +14 °C (Ref) / -30 to -20 °C (Frz)
Controller Microprocessor, non-volatile memory
Display Digital (White graphic Organic LED), 1 °C (increment of 0.1)
Temperature Sensor Thermistor
Cooling Method Fan forced air circulation (Ref) / Direct cooling (Frz)
Defrost Method Cyclical defrost (Ref) / Manual (Frz)
Refrigerant R-600a (Ref) / R-290 (HC refrigerant) (Frz)
Insulation Material PUF
Exterior Material Painted steel
Interior Material ABS resin (Ref) / Electro-galvanized steel plate, Polyester resin baked (Frz)
Outer Doors Electro-galvanized steel plate, Polyester resin baked with triple glass window (ref)

Electro-galvanized steel plate, Polyester resin baked (Frz)
Outer Door Lock Y
Shelves Tempered glass (3) (Ref) / Coated steel wires (1) (Frz)
Drawers -
Max. Load - Per Shelf/Drawer 20 /10 (Ref/Frz) kg
Max. Load - Total 105 kg
Access Port Two ports available R(1), F(1)
Access Port Position Back
Access Port Diameter 30
Casters 4
Interior Light LED
Power Failure R
High Temperature V-B-M-R
Low Temperature V-B-M-R
Door Open V-B-M
Power Supply 230V 50Hz single phase
Noise Level 40 dB [A]


Temperature recorders  -
Temperature chart recorder MTR-0621LH-PH
Chart paper RP-06-PW
Recorder housing MPR-S30-PW
Circular type5) MTR-G3504C-PE
- Chart paper RP-G3504-PW
- Ink pen PG-RB-PW
Recorder housing  MPR-S7-PW
Continuous strip type MTR-4015LH-PE
- Chart paper RP-40-PW
Recorder housing
Battery kit for power failure alarm MPR-48B2-PW3)
Wired Shelf for freezer (set of two) MPR-250ST-PW
Door window blanking plates MPR-25BP-PW

Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

PUF = Rigid polyurethane foamed insulation V = Visual alarm B = Buzzer alarm M = Message R = Remote alarm

1) Exterior dimensions of main cabinet only, excluding handle (no handle available) and other external projections - See dimensions drawings on website for full details
2) Air temperature measured at refrigeration compartment centre and freezer compartment centre, ambient temperature +30ºC, no load
3) Requires optional battery kit for power failure alarm MPR-48B2-PW
4) Nominal value - Background noise 20dB[A]
5) MTR-G3504-PW has 2 pens (red/blue) per recorder, therefore it can register temperatures inside the freezer as well in the refrigerator