Twin Guard Freezers find a High-Profile Application as result of their Unique Built-in Back up system.

Due to Panasonic’s high standard of quality and innovative technology—as demonstrated by the Dual Cool compressor technology of the Twin Guard Ultra Low Freezers—there has been a steady surge in its acceptance level within the United States life science market by high-profile customers and through equally important applications.

CDC Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.image
CDC Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

A most recent example was the high profile Twin Guard application at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, GA, USA. The application was based on the widely known H7N9 bird flu virus that has caused a major uproar in China. CDC has been following this situation closely and coordinating with their domestic and international partners to look for appropriate vaccines and anti-viral drugs that can work against the deadly but, as of yet, non-pandemic H7N9 virus.

However, even before the severity of the new H7N9 Avian Influenza strand had escalated, sales representative Mark Malecki had quoted and sold two Twin Guard freezers, an MDF-U700VXC and an MDF-U500VXC, to the CDC. As the severity of the H7N9 virus escalated, CDC scientists began searching for a more reliable freezer to store critical sample of their ongoing H7N9 virus testing. Mark, backed by his earlier sale at the CDC, was proactive in informing them about the Dual Cool compressor technology.

As many are now aware, the number of deaths and reported infections of people in China has since increased. Since then, the CDC has undertaken the paramount task of developing a vaccine for the H7N9 viral strand. In their race to develop the vaccine first, the CDC, equipped with our Twin Guard freezers, will spend less time worrying over disruptions to their critical testing and more time concentrating on preventing an epidemic.