FrostLess Natural Refrigerant -86°C Freezer


Effective capacity
25.6 cu.ft. | 725 L
Cooling Performance
-40℃ to -86℃

Model MDF-DU700ZHA-PA Features

Purpose-Built Cold Chain Storage

PHCbi brand ULT freezers are engineered from the inside out to create, maintain, and restore precise temperatures necessary for safe product storage. Our purpose-built ultra-low temperature freezers are designed for temperature uniformity and stability.

The MDF-DU700ZHA-PA FrostLess ultra-low temperature upright freezer provides reliable temperatures as low as -86°C. It is engineered to mitigate frost buildup more than our category-leading models while maintaining the reliability and energy efficiency that today's laboratories require.

Frost Resistance and Mitigation

Frost accumulation may cause damage and deterioration of freezer components. The all-new thermal insulation design of the MDF-DU700ZHA-PA prevents large amounts of frost buildup from accumulating outside the inner doors. Reduced frost buildup minimizes stress on the outer door and latching mechanism, helping preserve optimal performance.

Using the residual heat from the refrigeration system, the perimeter heater under the gasket allows for gentle warmth, further reducing ice buildup on the door gasket.

Overall, reduced frost buildup in the PHCbi brand FrostLess ULT helps reduce manual labor spent during freezer defrosting, improves lab workflow, and ensures freezer performance, leading to reduced maintenance requirements.

VIP® Plus Insulation

The MDF-DU700ZHA-PA ULT freezer is constructed with VIP Plus vacuum insulation on the inner doors for improved insulation performance and reduced frost buildup.

In addition, the shape and materials of the inner door frame packing have been revamped to further improve heat insulation performance, greatly suppressing the formation of frost, including frost formation around the packing.

Natural Refrigerants

With natural refrigerants, the PHCbi brand FrostLess ULT delivers more energy efficient and dependable ultra-low temperature storage. The use of environmentally friendly, natural refrigerants minimizes environmental impact without compromising ultra-low temperature performance, helping achieve sustainability goals. Natural refrigerants eliminate older ozone depleting refrigerants, reduce global warming potential and increase cooling efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

The use of energy efficient, natural refrigerants in the PHCbi brand FrostLess ULT combined with an inverter-controlled compressor, lowers operational costs, environmental impact, and total cost of ownership. The MDF-DU700ZHA-PA FrostLess ULT has a daily energy usage of 7.9 kWh (steady state at -80°C in a 23°C ambient), a reduction of approximately 32% compared to conventional models. i

Security, Control, and Monitoring

An eye-level, door-mounted color LCD touchscreen allows full user control while the USB port makes transferring logged data to a PC convenient. All performance attributes are displayed, and an internal temperature log is expressed in graphic form over time. Optional cloud services for remote monitoring are available.

EZlatch™ Ergonomic Door Closure with Integrated Lock

The EZlatch is our holistic approach to accessing the freezer. This feature is engineered to tolerate frequent door openings and simplify freezer access through one-handed operation that maintains the integrity of the door seal.

The patent pending EZlatch is engineered to accommodate frequent door openings and to control frost associated with extreme temperature differentials in high humidity environments. This combination of product and process maintains the integrity of the door seal to ensure energy efficiency.


LabSVIFT™ Cloud Services

LabSVIFT is a whole-lab management solution that allows you to keep an eye on critical laboratory equipment assets in one, streamlined platform. Monitor laboratory equipment, anticipate potential problems, minimize the amount of time needed to resolve them, and maximize the efficiency of your entire facility.

Remote monitoring of critical freezer functions including:

  • Real-time chamber temperature
  • Alarm conditions
  • Door openings
  • Ambient temperature
  • Audit trails (optional)
i Based on independent third-party ENERGY STAR test results at the time of publication. For results, see the ENERGY STAR website


Low Frost Upright ULT Freezer

The PHCbi brand FrostLess MDF-DU700ZHA-PA is engineered to maintain temperatures as low as -86°C, reduce frost buildup, and increase energy efficiency. ULT frost resistance is crucial for maintaining freezer performance and reducing maintenance requirements. VIP Plus vacuum insulation on the inner doors improves insulation performance and further reduces frost buildup.

In addition to these features, the MDF-DU700ZHA-PA also uses the innovative door closure system, the EZlatch, designed to tolerate frequent door openings, simplify one-handed access, and control frost associated with extreme temperature differentials.

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Product Photos


EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS 40.6" W x 34.7" D x 78.5" H (1030 x 882 x 1993 mm)*
INTERNAL DIMENSIONS 34.3" W x 23.9" D x 55.1" H (870 x 607 x 1400 mm)
EFFECTIVE CAPACITY 25.6 cu.ft. (725 L)
INTERNAL DOORS 2 VIP insulated with latch
INSULATION Rigid polyurethane foam (PUF) + VIP Plus vacuum insulated panels
SHELVES 2 Stainless Adjustable; Inner dimensions: 33.7" W x 21.0" D (855 x 534 mm); Dedicated Center Shelf; Inner dimensions: 33.7" W x 18.1" D (855 x 461 mm); Load: 110 lbs (50 kg) per shelf
ACCESS PORT 3: upper wall (back-up system), bottom left (recorder sensor), bottom right (access); Inner diameter: 0.6 in (17 mm)
NET WEIGHT 622 lbs (282 kg)
COMPRESSOR (2) 920 W, variable speed
REFRIGERANT High-stage R-290 natural refrigerant, Low-stage R-170 natural refrigerant
TEMPERATURE CONTROL RANGE -40°C to -86°C in 1° increments
ALARMS High temperature, low temperature, power failure, sensor failure, door ajar, remote alarm, maintenance
COOLING PERFORMANCE -86°C center of chamber (ambient temperature 30°C, no load)
TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM Microprocessor with non-volatile memory, USB data retrieval
AREA FOOTPRINT 9.78 ft2 (0.91 m2)
DATA MANAGEMENT Optional with LabAlert/LabSVIFT**
*Exterior dimensions of cabinet excluding handle, rear stand-off brackets and other external projections.
**Requires MTR-480 to operate as Gen 2 on LabSVIFT System.
***Nominal value, background noise 20 dB(A).


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