Active Background Decontamination Product Technology


Active Background Decontamination

Active Background Decontamination combines narrow bandwidth, ozone-free ultraviolet light and inCu-saFe copper-enriched stainless steel alloy interior to fight contamination whilst the incubator remains in use.

Germicidal Interior


The copper-enriched stainless steel alloy interior surfaces eliminate contamination and mitigate the effects of airborne contaminates introduced through normal use.

PHCbi inCu-saFe Interiors

Competing Incubator with Copper Interiors

  • Fights off surface contamination.
  • Does not corrode like solid copper surfaces.
  • Appearance and durability of stainless steel.
  • Standard feature in all IncuSafe CO2 & Multigas incubators.
  • May corrode over time.
  • Humid environment may cause interior coating to turn into green cupric oxide, which may prove to be lethal to cell cultures.
  • Contamination is difficult to detect due to discoloration of interior surfaces.
Mycoplasma Survival Results
Mycoplasma strain Positive Control Conventional Type 304 stainless stell Panasonic InCu-SaFe Conventional Copper C1100
Mycoplasma Fermentas PG18 Survival Survival No Survival No Survival
Mycoplasma Orale CH19299 Survival Survival No Survival No Survival
Mycoplasma Arginini G230 Survival Survival No Survival No Survival
Mycoplasma Hominis PG21 Survival Survival No Survival No Survival

UV lamp Decontamination

SafeCell UV
SefeCell UV

The programmable ultraviolet lamp, isolated from cell cultures, eliminates contaminants in the air flow and water pan without affecting cell cultures. SafeCell UV inhibits the growth of mycoplasma, bacteria, molds, spores, yeasts and fungi without costly HEPA filter air scrubbers, which accumulate contaminants in the filter media. HEPA filters are also ineffective on particles less than 0.3 microns.

Versatile Program Cycles of SafeCell UV light for Optimum Usability
24 Hour UV Decontamination
This feature can be used in the following instances:
  • Prior to 1st use
  • Overnight
  • Between patient protocols
  • Following maintenance or service
  • Secondary decontamination method
After H2O2 Vapourization

The UV lamp automatically cycles ON for up to 90 minutes following a 10-minute H2O2 vapour cycle. this reduces the H2O2 to water, which condenses onto a cooler section of the incubator’s interior floor for easy clean-up.

After Door Openings

Door closure causes UV lamp to turn On for 10 minutes, decontaminating the external air that entered the chamber.


If UV protection is not desired, SafeCell UV lamp can be switched OFF.

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