Exceptional CO2 and O2 recovery times Product Technology


Exceptional CO2 and O2 recovery times

When it comes to controlling CO2 levels, the CO2 sensing system built into MCO-19 series provides the necessary levels of accuracy through the use of a single beam, dual detector. This permits a CO2 range of 0% to 20%. The ceramic-based sensor measures sample and reference wavelengths for continuous auto-zero calibration, and is unaffected by moderate changes in temperature and relative humidity.

The sensor is linked to a sophisticated PID microprocessor controller. This reliably maintains temperature and gas set points, and delivers rapid recovery without overshoot during periods of frequent door opening.


At the heart of oxygen level maintenance in these incubators is a long-life zirconia oxygen sensor which upholds sub-ambient levels from 1% to 18%. Using proper safety precautions, enriched O2 levels (from 22% to 80%) can also be achieved. Electronic PID control ensures high accuracy by preserving temperature and gas set points over the entire system range.

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