Environmental Initiatives

Basic Philosophy and Materiality Topics on Environmental Sustainability

Materiality Topic KPI Targets
Climate Change Scope 1 & 2 CO2 emission reduction Carbon neutral by 2040
Scope 3 CO2 emission reduction TBD (set after identifying current scope 3 emission)
Preservation of Natural Resources Percentage of reduction of water withdrawal at production sites / labs on a per revenue basis 15% reduction (vs. 2022) by 2030
Percentage of reduction of packaging material on a per revenue basis 10% reduction (vs. 2022) by 2030
Percentage of reduction of waste generated at production sites / labs on a per revenue basis 20% reduction (vs. 2022) by 2030
Circularity Percentage of total waste recycled at production sites / labs (The recycling percentage does not include thermal recycling.) 90% by 2030
Percentage of recycled content in plastic packaging materials 10% by 2030

Environmental Initiatives

PHC Group recognizes environmental sustainability as one of the most important challenges that businesses face today. In accordance with our environmental policy, we implement initiatives to support our business activities while helping contribute to environmental sustainability.

Environmental Policy

PHC Group contributes to the health of society through our diligent efforts to create healthcare solutions that have a positive impact and improve the lives of people. Compliance, integrity, and high ethical standards are fundamental principles in our business. As part of this philosophy, we believe that environmental consciousness is essential not only for the present but also for future generations and that it is necessary to minimize the impact of our business activities on the environment. In order to support our business activities and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, PHC Group implements environmental initiatives and complies with the laws and regulations in the countries and regions where the group is expanding our business. We recognize the importance of positioning environmental factors as a core part of our business activities.

Employee Education to Improve Environmental Awareness

To encourage each employee to take action in support of environmental sustainability, we work to enhance environmental knowledge and awareness. Every year in June, which is Environment Month in Japan, we conduct outreach to employees to raise awareness about our environmental priorities. We aim to deepen employee understanding especially of the environmental priorities outlined in our global ESG strategy.

Targets and Goals

PHC Group focuses our efforts on three global environmental issues: climate change, preservation of natural resources, and circularity.
PHC Group strives to maintain a sustainable environment at our manufacturing bases around the world. In Japan and the outsides, we have obtained ISO 14001 certification and are engaged in activities to conserve the environment; for example, efficient energy use and environmentally friendly product development. In particular, our ESG strategy is focused on climate change, preservation of natural resources, and circularity as important global environmental issues that must be addressed.

(Integrated Report 2023)