Cell-IQ™ Series 5.8 cu.ft. High Heat Sterilization CO2 Incubator


High Heat Sterilization Cycle
5.8 cu.ft. (165 L)


Triple Protection Incubator Decontamination

The MCO-170AICUVDL-PA automatic high heat sterilization CO2 incubator is designed for use in medical and government research, pharmaceutical and biotech applications. This dry heat incubator includes three methods of protection against cell culture contamination. In addition to inCu-saFe and SafeCell UV contamination control, an optional, manually initiated high heat sterilization cycle provides a 180°C (355°F) decontamination process without the need to remove CO2 incubator chamber components.

Optimal Cell Culture for Repeatable Results

This dry heat incubator's heater jacket system and dual-wave infrared CO2 sensor for precise CO2 atmosphere and fast recovery after door openings provide the optimal growth environment to meet your cell culture needs.

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MCO-170AICUVDL-PA Features

Cell Culture Incubators Capabilities

As a crucial piece of laboratory equipment, PHCbi brand cell culture incubators are designed to ensure highly accurate, reproducible chamber conditions. Our cell culture incubators provide a contamination-free environment while allowing precise CO2 or CO2/O2 control - essential for in vivo environment replication.

Uniform Consistent Environment

InCu-saFe® and SafeCell™ UV function together to create contamination control against external microbes. A unique heating system and the dual filter infrared sensor precisely control temperature and CO2 levels, respectively.

Rapid CO2 Recovery with Dual-Wave Infrared (IR) Sensor

A dual filter infrared sensor signals the microprocessor controller to inject CO2 to maintain desired setpoint conditions. Sensor response accelerates CO2 recovery to setpoint without overshoot following frequent door openings.

Dual Heat Sterilization

An integrated auxiliary sterilization system is utilized together with the CO2 incubator cultivation heaters to provide an effective, energy efficient sterilization process. The primary heater maintains precise temperature control over a setpoint range from 5°C above ambient to 50°C. The secondary heater is activated when the high heat sterilization cycle is initiated as both heaters combine to reach 180°C. Specialized melamine foam insulation minimizes heat leakage to adjacent incubators and dramatically reduces elevated external surface temperatures.

Incubator Decontamination with InCu-saFe and SafeCell UV

The PHCbi inCu-saFe copper enriched, stainless steel interior surfaces create a germicidal barrier to airborne contaminants that enter the dry heat incubator during door openings. The PHCbi inCu-saFe combines the germicidal properties of elemental copper with the corrosion and discoloration resistance of stainless steel. SafeCell UV lamp decontaminates circulated air and the humidity reservoir.

Optimum Cell Growth

Optimal results and reproducibility make the MCO-170AICUVDL-PA dry heat incubator ideal for tissue culture research, genomic expression, antibody production, transfection and transduction procedures.

Efficient Workflow

Laboratory processes are more efficient with less incubator downtime. There is no need to remove inner components of the incubator or calibrate after sterilization.

Color LCD Display

The high contrast color LCD display allows for easy programming of temperature, CO2, high heat sterilization and other internal conditions of your incubator.




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EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS 24.4" W x 29.7" D x 35.6" H (620 x 755 x 905 mm) - Excludes handle and other external projections
INTERIOR DIMENSIONS 19.3" W x 20.6" D x 26.2" H (490 x 523 x 665 mm)
INTERIOR VOLUME 5.8 cu.ft. (165 L)
INNER DOOR One - tempered glass - field reversible
SHELVES 4 copper enriched, stainless steel alloy (inCu-saFe)
ACCESS PORT 1: Rear upper left (1.2" (30 mm) diameter)
INSULATION Melamine resin foam
AIR FILTER 0.3 um, Efficiency: 99.97 % or higher
UV LAMP 4W x 1 (ozone-free emission)
NET WEIGHT 176 lbs (80 kg)
TEMPERATURE CONTROL RANGE + 5°C Above ambient to +50°C (ambient temperature: 5°C to 35°C)
TEMPERATURE UNIFORMITY ±0.25ºC (ambient temperature: 23ºC, setting: 37ºC, CO2: 5 %, no load)
CO2 CONTROL RANGE 0% - 2 ±0.15%
CO2 CONTROLLER Proportional
CO2 GAS CONNECTION 0.157 inch to 0.36 inch (4 mm to 6 mm) diameter tube can be connected
CO2 GAS PRESSURE 0.03 MPa(G) (0.3kgf/cm2(G),4.3 psi(G))
CO2 VARIATION ±0.15% (ambient temperature: 23ºC, setting: 37ºC, CO2: 5%, no load)
CO2 SENSOR TYPE Dual-wave infrared (IR)
CONTAMINATION CONTROLS InCu-SaFe copper enriched stainless steel interior and shelves, standard SafeCell UV light
DISPLAY LCD color touchscreen - readable in 0.1° increments
HEATING SYSTEM Direct Heat and Air Jacket System
HUMIDIFYING SYSTEM Natural evaporation with humidifying pan, 95 %R.H.±5 %R.H.


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