PATHFAST™ - Emergency Marker

CK-MB Mass

Emergency Marker


Diagnosis and monitoring of myocardial injury

PATHFAST™ determines the quantity of hs Trop I, NTproBNP, D-Dimer, hsCRP, Myoglobin, CK-MB mass, BRAHMS PCT and Presepsin from one single whole blood sample. The quantitative data of the parallel analyses provide results within minutes, which facilitate the therapeutical decision. Basis for a safe diagnosis on-site for patients with acute coronary syndrome, suspected coronary heart insufficiency, venous thromboembolism, inflammation and myocardial injury .

PATHFAST™ CK-MB is a product for in vitro diagnostic use with the in vitro diagnostic system PATHFAST™ for the quantitative measurement of CK-MB in heparinized whole blood and plasma. The result obtained with the assay is used to assist in the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction. Creatine kinase (CK) is a key enzyme of energy metabolism in muscle that catalyzes the reversible phosphorylation of creatine. This dimeric enzyme has two subunits, M and B, which associate to form three isoenzymes, CK-MM, CK-MB and CK-BB. CK-MM and CK-BB are distributed primarily in the skeletal muscle and in the brain, respectively. CK-MB is found predominantly in cardiac muscle accounting for approximately 10 – 40% of myocardial CK. Damage to the myocardium results in a transient and progressive release of CK-MB into the circulation. The CK-MB concentration increases at 2.5- 5 hours after onset of chest pain reaching a peak at 12 to 24 hours and then returning to normal levels within 48 to 72 hours. This characteristic temporal pattern is diagnostic for AMI. The low concentration of CK-MB in serum of healthy subjects and non-cardiac tissues contributes to its widely accepted use as an aid for diagnosing and monitoring of myocardial injury.

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Assay Specifications

Method Chemiluminescent Enzyme Immuno Assay - Magtration
Sample Material - Heparin-whole Blood
- Heparin-Plasma
- EDTA-whole Blood
- EDTA-Plasma
Sample Volume 100 μl
Reference Values < 4.99 ng/ml | 95th %
Test Duration < 17 Minutes
Durability of Calibration 28 Days
Measurement Range 2.0 - 500.0 ng/ml
Limit of Detection 2.0 ng/ml
Pack size 60 tests

* for more detailed information, please refer to the instruction for use, delivered with each reagent