PATHFAST™ - Emergency Marker


Emergency Marker


Sensitive test in the early phase of Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI)

PATHFAST™ determines the quantity of hs Trop I, NTproBNP, D-Dimer, hsCRP, Myoglobin, CK-MB mass, BRAHMS PCT and Presepsin from one single whole blood sample. The quantitative data of the parallel analyses provide results within minutes, which facilitate the therapeutical decision. Basis for a safe diagnosis on-site for patients with acute coronary syndrome, suspected coronary heart insufficiency, venous thromboembolism, inflammation and myocardial injury .

PATHFAST™ Myo is a product for in vitro diagnostic use with the in vitro diagnostic system PATHFAST™ for the quantitative measurement of Myoglobin in heparinized whole blood and plasma. The result obtained with the assay is used to assist in the diagnosis and especially in the exclusion of acute myocardial infarction. Myoglobin (Myo) is a low molecular weight, heme-protein found in both cardiac and skeletal muscle. Following myocardial necrosis associated with acute myocardial infarction (AMI), myoglobin is one of the first markers to rise above normal levels, increasing measurably above baseline within 1-3 hours post infarction, peaking at 6-12 hours and returning to baseline within 24-36 hours. In the absence of skeletal muscle trauma or other situations associated with a non cardiac related increase in circulating myoglobin (e.g. renal failure), measurement of myoglobin in blood has been used as an early marker of AMI. Several studies proved that the measurement of myoglobin can be used as a rapid and sensitive test in the early phase of AMI for its diagnosis in conjunction with the ECG and for exclusion of myocardial infarction in patients presenting with acute chest pain, especially after a further negative test one hour later.

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Assay Specifications

Method Chemiluminescent Enzyme Immuno Assay - Magtration
Sample Material - Heparin-whole Blood
- Heparin-Plasma
- EDTA-whole Blood
- EDTA-Plasma
Sample Volume 100 μl
Reference Values < 48.8 ng/ml | 95th %
Test Duration < 17 Minutes
Durability of Calibration 28 Days
Measurement Range 5.0 - 1000 ng/ml
Limit of Detection 5.0 ng/ml
Pack size 60 tests

* for more detailed information, please refer to the instruction for use, delivered with each reagent