PATHFAST™ - Emergency Marker


Emergency Marker


Diagnosis and assessment of severity of congestive heart failure (HF)

PATHFAST™ determines the quantity of hs Trop I, NTproBNP, D-Dimer, hsCRP, Myoglobin, CK-MB mass, BRAHMS PCT and Presepsin from one single whole blood sample. The quantitative data of the parallel analyses provide results within minutes, which facilitate the therapeutical decision. Basis for a safe diagnosis on-site for patients with acute coronary syndrome, suspected coronary heart insufficiency, venous thromboembolism, inflammation and myocardial injury .

PATHFAST™ NTproBNP is an immunoassay for the in vitro quantitative determination of N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NTproBNP) in anticoagulated whole blood and plasma on the PATHFAST™ analyzer. PATHFASTTM NTproBNP can be used as an aid in the diagnosis in patients suspicious for congestive heart failure, the detection left ventricular dysfunction of and in the assessment of the severity of congestive heart failure (CHF). PATHFAST™ NTproBNP can also be used in the risk stratification in patients with acute coronary syndromes (ACS) and congestive heart failure and for monitoring the therapy in patients with left ventricular dysfunction. NTproBNP allows rule out of heart failure due to consistent and very high negative predictive values and has also proven as a prognostic marker in severe sepsis and septic shock. In patients with stable coronary artery disease NTproBNP is strongly associated with the cardiovascular outcome. NTproBNP is valuable in the identification and exclusion of acute heart failure of dyspneic patients presenting in the emrgency department. NTproBNP is also related to the long-term outcome presenting in the emergency department with and without cardiovascular impairment. NTproBNP also identifies subjects with rheumatoid disease who are at risk for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Stdudies have shown that NTproBNP is useful as a simple non-invasive method of screening patients with arthritis before starting or continuing therapy with non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

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Assay Specifications

Method Chemiluminescent Enzyme Immuno Assay - Magtration
Sample Material - Heparin-whole Blood
- Heparin-Plasma
- EDTA-whole Blood
- EDTA-Plasma
Sample Volume 100 μl
Reference Values See table below
Test Duration < 17 Minutes
Durability of Calibration 28 Days
Measurement Range 15 - 30 000 pg/m
Limit of Detection 15 pg/ml
Pack size 60 tests
Reference Values
Value in pg/ml Risk Stratification
< 125 Exclusion of ventricular dysfunction in patients with symptoms of CHF
< 300 Acute cardiac insufficiency improbably
 300 - 1800 Age dependent CutOff values

Age dependent CutOff values

Patient Age NTproBNP pg/ml
< 50 300 - 450
 > 450
50 - 75 300 - 900  > 900
> 75 300 - 900  > 1800
  Acute cardiac insufficiency improbably Acute cardiac insufficiency probably

* for more detailed information, please refer to the instruction for use, delivered with each reagent