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COVID-19 Vaccine Development is Evolving

New vaccines are emerging in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Early evidence suggests novel vaccine storage temperatures may require a wider range of the cold chain spectrum. Some vaccines may require multiple temperature storage points prior to administration. Are you prepared for emerging COVID-19 vaccine storage? PHCbi brand products can help.

PHCbi brand pharmaceutical refrigerators and biomedical freezers offer a comprehensive selection of storage solutions for high-value vaccines and other biologics. These cabinets are based on high performance refrigeration platforms engineered for reliability, temperature uniformity, fast temperature recovery and tolerance for real-world conditions.

Vaccine Storage Begins with Proper Product Selection

PHCbi pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers satisfy any storage protocol or space requirement. Robust refrigeration systems and cabinet designs assure temperature uniformity, reliability and energy efficiency. All are engineered to maintain required temperatures for product viability and to achieve rapid temperature recovery after multiple door openings.

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

-60 °C to -86 °C Emerging Vaccine Types for COVID-19

For storage of mRNA, viral vector and non-replicating viralvector vaccines, as well as specimens.

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Biomedical Freezers

-40 °C Vaccine Development Processss
Required for vaccine raw material storage and some pharmaceuticals.
-20 °C Emerging Vaccine Types for COVID-19
May be required for some emerging mRNA vaccines.

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Biomedical Freezers

Biomedical Refrigerators

-Biomedical Ref. / Freezer Combo
+2 °C to +8 °C and -20 °C Storage for multiple vaccine types
Both refrigeration and -20°C freezing are established with independent refrigeration systems.

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Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

+2° C to +8 °C Traditional and emerging vaccine storage
For short-term storage of vaccines days prior to administration.

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Pharmaceutical Refrigerators